Balestrand and its "dragon style" architecture.

Balestrand is well known for its Dragon style villas.

Our camping is "surrounded" by several of those beautiful villas. Most of them are build in the 1800 century. All of them are well preserved and a well known photo portrait subject.


A guided culture / heritage walk can be booked by applying to Balestrand Tourist Information.

The walk is along the road through the village and takes about an hour and a half. Total length about 2 km. Wear suitable clothes and shoes. The walk will vary a little according to the weather.
The walk includes:
• The quayside houses in Balestrand, old post office etc. These buildings are used for various exhibitions and activities, organized by 'Norsk Reiselivsmuseum'. The new 'Norsk Reiselivsmuseum' will be officially opened in the spring of 2016.
• Walk along the fjord to see the imposing facade of Kvikne's Hotel
• St. Olaf's Church, the history of the church
• The mounds at Bele and statue of King Bele. The viking age, the Fridtjof saga, and why Kaiser Wilhelm II raised two statues in Sogn
• One or two smaller villas erected in the so-called dragon style. The life of artists in Balestrand in the 19th century and the present art village

IMG_0300 Balestrand bright colors


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