Take a swim or go fishing

Take a swim or go fishing

Sjøtun Camping is well located at the waterfront of the the majestic Sognefjord. Down at the fjord (50 meters) we have a private owned beach from where you can take a swim or you can fish from our jetty.

Maybe... you have some "fishers luck", if you do, you can catch haddock, coalfish, cod, pollack, trout or mackerel.

What is better than a nice cool swim on a warm summer day. A fine refreshment into the pristine clear water. The fjord close to the beach is suited for all, also the little ones. But to take care is a good advise!  The fjord is in the middle ca. 1100 meters deep... Amazing...

The depth of the fjord is almost as deep as the height of the surrouning mountains...

If you want to take your own kajak or row boat, no problem, from the camping and the main road is the beach and water front easy accessable.


Close to us, on walking distance (500 meters) towards the towncentre is a perfect lagune located.

Balestrand lagune  Balestrand swimmingpool

Clean and shallow water , safe for kids and the not so well trained swimmers. It is also a perfect spot for a picknick. Tables, a place to grill and toilets with running water are located at the site.

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